DarkenTS originated from the need of an eye-friendly design for TeamSpeak.

Utilising the second screen of a multi-monitor setup to keep an eye on certain programs, including VoiP applications, I am not a fan of bright colours. Especially in the night those tend to be distracting.

Being spoiled by the awesome MetroMumble design by xPoke while using Mumble, the switch to TeamSpeak was quite "enlightening".

At that point in time you were able to find a couple of dark skins for TeamSpeak, but none of the them appealed to me, colour- and quality-wise.
And so DarkenTS came into existence.

Listed above are the only official download sources. If you find my themes and icon packs somewhere else, I cannot guarantee that you receive the genuine, most up-to-date addons.

You are free to:

Term Use Use — You may download and use the material in the format provided. You may not use the material for commercial purposes.

Under the following terms:

Term No Derivatives No Sharing — You may not share and redistribute the material in any medium or format. You may provide a link to official sources to interested parties.
Term No Sharing No Derivatives — You may not remix, transform, or build upon the material.
Why these terms?
No Sharing  I like to have control over my addons, and make sure that the public has access only to the most up-to-date versions.
No Derivatives  Too many low-effort copy pastas to cheese-unlock the myTeamSpeak Addon developer badge.

Thank you for using DarkenTS!

You all have my gratitude.

Special shout-outs to

  • Bluscream
  • Chris
  • D0mm4S
  • Deireadh
  • @dinubish
  • @JimBrawnDesign
  • @marvinl97
  • monkyyx
  • numma_cway
  • OtakuSupreme
  • Patrick1164
  • Scratch and
  • Shadow86
for supporting me with bug reports, feature wishes, and style help!

The best way of contacting me in regards to DarkenTS or TeamSpeak-styling related matters, would be either via comment in the dedicated forum thread (requires TeamSpeak forum account) or personal message (requires TeamSpeak forum account).

If you do not have a TeamSpeak forum account and do not want to create one, you can contact me for basic support via social media listed in the footer.

If you contact me through other means I cannot guarantee you that I will be able to reply.